Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Superman Comics Writer Wonders What The Bleep Do We Know?

OTTOWA, Canada (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – Author Alvin Schwartz created Superman staples like Kryptonite and the heroes X- ray eyes, but he’s had so many metaphysical experiences since, he now wonders: “What the bleep do we know?”

Schwartz is the author of An Unlikely Prophet: A Metaphysical Memoir By The Legendary Writer Of Superman And Batman (Destiny Books) and, these days, he says the supernatural experiences that helped form those superheroes are being embraced by the scientific community.

In Schwartz’ words, “Nowadays, even scientists in the realm of quantum physics are re-evaluating their paradigms to include the unexplained and metaphysical.”

Personally, Schwartz has claimed that a “seven-foot supernatural personality” he calls a Buddhist monk named “Thongden” is responsible for much of his paranormal experiences.

He adds, “I don’t think I’ve been visited too often lately by Thongden, but I could be wrong; he may be visiting me know and I just won’t realize it until later.”

Schwartz claims to be unaware of the new Superman Returns movie, which open in theaters Wednesday (June 28).

He asks, “Is that a new television show? I only watch the news these days.”

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