Friday, June 9, 2006

Canadian Guy Goes Bananas For Monkey Pellets

OTTAWA, Canada (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – A man in Ottawa, Canada is monkeying around with his diet: He’s only eating monkey pellets for seven days.

Last Saturday (Jun. 3), 30-year-old Adam Scott started eating dried monkey pellets because, as he puts it, “Monkeys are the closest thing to humans and if they can eat it why can’t we?”

So the primate poser ordered 40 pounds of monkey food, took a week off work and bought a webcam to document his experiment.

Eating nothing but monkey pellets might drive you bananas but, amazingly, Scott hasn’t cheated on his diet, which also includes water, coffee and vodka.

The monkey man has already lost five pounds with only a little fatigue, stomach cramps and some “super nasty” bad breath to show for it.

Surprisingly, Scott stopped craving human food several days ago but still finds the hard pellets unappetizing because, as he puts it, “My body is definitely in shutdown mode.”

Scott’s monkey marathon ends today (Jun. 9) and he already has plans to bite into a big steak or enjoy some pizza and Chinese food.

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