Thursday, June 1, 2006

Ronald Reagan Doll Proves Former President Was The Antichrist

NEW YORK (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – A doll that quotes memorable lines from Ronald Reagan’s speeches is concrete proof that the “great communicator” is really the Antichrist.

Or so says Gregory Gordon, the author of Ronald Reagan: Image of the Beast (AuthorHouse), a book which explores the possibilities that Reagan is Satan himself.

Says Gordon: “It is good hardware because a physical talking doll is the final piece of the puzzle.”

Gordon, who has been researching Reagan’s demonic roots for years, says there are several other signs, other than “talking images of the beast,” that link Reagan to the underworld.

For example, Gordon says other key indicators are the fact that Reagan was shot and wounded back in the early ’80s and that his full name, Ronald Wilson Reagan, adds up to the devil’s number 666.

The Reagan-resister says it is also written in the Bible that the devil will make himself known through money and greed and if talks to put Reagan’s mug on the $10 bill succeed, then “everyone who spends a ten dollar bill is doomed.”

However, Gordon says there’s one president who is definitely not the Antichrist: Jimmy Carter because he is a “true Christian who did a lot with Habitat for Humanity.”

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