Wednesday, May 31, 2006

‘Pirates Of Caribbean’ Sequel Unfair To One-Limbed Stuntmen

SAN DIEGO (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – A one-armed stuntman in San Diego is shaking his fist at the folks who are making the upcoming Pirates Of The Caribbean sequel, Dead Man’s Chest.

David Smith – who portrayed the monster in Predator II – says he was offered a chance to portray a pirate in the Johnny Depp-Orlando Jones blockbuster, but declined because the filmmakers only wanted to pay him $80 a day as an extra.

That’s chump change to a professional stuntman and Smith figures he’s worth more since, most likely, he would be used in scenes where a prosthetic limb would be ripped off his body.

It pains Smith that just because he’s missing a limb the industry is trying to sever his pay as well.

Smith says he chose to retire rather than deal with the indignity of a salary cut and wishes more filmmakers would be like Steven Spielberg, who gave him a full salary when he worked on A.I.

But Smith isn’t giving up the work entirely. He currently lives in San Diego where he trains other “limb- deficient” people how to do stunts.

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