Friday, May 12, 2006

Who Will Take A Shine To Beethoven Diamond?

CHICAGO (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – If you care at all about Beethoven, you’ll probably take a shine to a diamond made from his hair.

That’s what a company that makes diamonds out of human hair and ashes is hoping.

It’s called LifeGem Memorials and it is about to take some hair belonging to classical composer Ludwig Von Beethoven, extract the carbon, and make three diamonds, each between .5 and 1 carat in size.

LifeGems CEO Greg Herro says it takes a palm-sized amount of hair to make a diamond and since there’s only a finite supply of the composer’s hair, it will be mixed with other ingredients such as graphite, nickel and nitrogen.

Herro says the resulting diamonds will be gem quality and worth up to $20,000 each – even without the Beethoven connection.

However, he figures the value will increase after the diamonds go on a world tour.

Herro got the Beethoven locks from a hair collector named John Reznikoff and hopes to make gems from the hair of Napoleon, Albert Einstein and Abraham Lincoln.

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