Friday, May 5, 2006

It’s Fried Grasshopper Season In Tijuana

TIJUANA, Mexico (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – The thought of eating fried grasshoppers and maguey worms might bug you but they’re a “snack-tacular” taste treat to gourmets in Tijuana, Mexico.

That’s according to Sandra Luz Pedregal, a self- proclaimed foodie who runs a travel service called The Adventurous Gourmet, which caters to tastemakers looking for something unusual.

Although many tourists associate T.J. with tacos or burritos, Pedregal says lots of restaurants serve exotic vittles like fried grasshoppers, quesadillas with maguey worms, cactus salads, and crepes made with corn fungus.

Delicacies like cow eye tacos or blood sausage might sound more appropriate to Fear Factor than fine dining, but Pedregal says insects and tongue have been popular menu items for centuries.

Her personal favorite is fried grasshoppers wrapped in a tortilla with tomatillo salsa. As she puts it, “It’s a good thing to nibble on while you chat with friends and have a drink.”

Still, she admits the best way to swallow the crunchy bugs is with tequila, which makes it “go down smoother.”

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