Thursday, March 30, 2006

April Fool’s Day Beverages Drive You To Drink

SAN DIEGO (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – April Fools’ Day isn’t a “hangover holiday” like St. Patrick’s Day but that doesn’t mean you can’t use booze in your practical jokes.

San Diego-based mixologist Ed Decker says the king of the prank cocktails is something called a “Cement Mixer,” which involves having your victim swig a shot of Bailey’s Irish Creme and then sip some lime juice.

The end result is a curdled, sour, sponge-like goo that forms in the mouth like cement but tastes like sour mucous.

Another potable with prank potential is the “Frozen Mudslide.” Some people like to slip laxative into the beverage but Decker doesn’t recommend it because, he points out, “you probably won’t be around to see the collapse and the calamity.”

Finally, Decker says some bartenders like to pull this April Fools’ joke on their customers: Write up a fake bar tab for a few hundred dollars and claim the extra drinks belong to a friend who left.

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