Monday, March 27, 2006

Hollywood Martial Arts Teacher Makes Burglar Poop His Pants

HOLLYWOOD (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – A Hollywood martial arts teacher is a big hit with the patrons of a Hollywood Starbucks after preventing a car burglary by making the thief poop his pants.

That’s the straight poop from Kelly Carter, who left the Starbucks one morning last week and found two men smashing the window of his car and stealing his laptop.

Carter – who has appeared in films like Sin City – first kicked a dent in the fender of the getaway car and then tossed his chai latte in the driver’s face and then went after the other thief who ran away on foot.

Carter then shin kicked the laptop burglar in the face with a blow he says would knock out even the most well-trained fighters.

However, the fight continued until Carter put the thug in a headlock and tightened his grip to the point where the thief lost control of his bodily functions.

As Carter puts it, “I could smell the poopy pants.”

Although Carter was happy when the police finally arrived, he was even more thrilled when he saw what looked like director Steven Spielberg smiling at the arrest.

In his words, “I thought I had gotten punked by Steven Spielberg.”

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