Monday, March 13, 2006

Out-Of-Body Molesters A Real Astral Pain

SEDONA, Ariz. (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – Keeping your children away from molesters just got tougher.

According to psychic Desiree Michele, author of You Are Born of the Light (Infinity Books), a how-to book on avoiding ghost-like rapists, thousands of children are psychically raped each year.

It even happened to her son.

She claims members of her own family were devil worshippers who tortured her son’s soul during their out-of-body experiences.

Michele says she recognized that her son was under psychic sexual attack because he screamed for no reason and banged his head against the wall.

As he got older, he developed a bad attitude, trashed his room and refused to do his homework, even though, in Michele’s words, “there was no reason to have a bad attitude.”

She warns other parents that if their children are being demonized they should meditate and visualize “divine white light” surrounding their children because demons hate light. She says also try some of the prayers from her book.

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