Tuesday, March 7, 2006

Speech Therapist Makes Transition Easier For Transgenders

Los Angeles (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – It’s not the clothes that make the man trying to become a woman, it’s the voice.

That’s according to Erica Shaffer, a successful actress who moonlights as a speech therapist for men transitioning into women.

Shaffer says that changing the voice is “100 percent important” in making the transition smoothly.

As she explains, ”You can do everything else, you can even have sexual reassignment surgery, but the moment you open your mouth and you sound like a man, it’s done.”

The actual octave of the voice isn’t necessarily what worries Shaffer the most. As she puts it, ”It is important to remember that not all women have extremely high voices.”

For transitioning clients, she tries to “focus their sound to achieve a nice blend of chest, sinus and head resonators,” but also offers advice on how to be girly.

Naturally, that’s the part of her therapy her clients love most.

As she puts it, “They’re having so much fun with the makeup and the jewelry. The hardest part for them is putting it all together.”

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