Thursday, March 2, 2006

Ghost Researcher Wonders if Cell Phones Are Killing Ghosts

CAMBRIDGE, England (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – You’ve heard of gas shortages, but now comes word of a possible ghost shortage.

That’s the word from a British paranormal researcher who admits the number of reported ghost sightings has decreased “significantly” in the last 15 years.

Tony Cornell, Vice Chairman for the Society of Psychical Research, says in the old days his organization averaged 50 cases a year, but now sightings are a mere fraction of what they once were.

Cornell doesn’t know the reason for the decrease but speculates increased cell phone activity may be the culprit.

He says paranormal events are traditionally measured by their electrical activity, and he wonders if the 1.6 billion cell phones in the world might be drowning out ghosts who are attempting to communicate with the living.

As he puts it, “Maybe this is interfering, but how this is interfering, I don’t know.”

Cornell himself insists he has never seen a ghost, but says he has witnessed poltergeists and unexplained occurrences that make him sure of their existence.

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