Friday, February 24, 2006

Woman Claims Jesus Plates Brought Pox Upon Her

DALLAS (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – Most Christians are trying to find Jesus, but one woman hopes by giving him away, her life will return to normal.

A Dallas-based woman who identifies herself only as Missy, says a message she posted on the internet bulletin board generated 300 e-mails from people who were willing to take six collectors plates with Jesus’ image painted on them off her hands.

Missy believes a pox was put on her because she refused to display the plates which her zealous Christian neighbors gave her for Christmas.

She claims she broke up with her boyfriend, her job transferred her to a city she hates, she hasn’t had sex in months and a bird pooped on her head.

She now hopes things will look up for her now that she has given the plates away to, ironically enough, a youth minister. She says to be sure the misfortune doesn’t follow him, the minister plans to have the dishes blessed by a priest.

Missy doesn’t know if the curse has been lifted, but she says since giving away the dishes, her lower back pain has disappeared and she’s been sleeping better.

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