Thursday, January 5, 2006

New Online Radio Station Holds ‘Elvis Is Alive’ Party

WRIGHT CITY, Mo. (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – Elvis Presley would turn 71 on Sunday (Jan. 8) if he were alive, but a newly launched online radio station hopes to clear the air over the King’s death when it goes on the air today (Jan. 5).

Dr. Bill Beeny, a Baptist minister, will hold a two-day “Elvis is Alive” birthday party today and tomorrow (Jan. 6) at the grand opening of his station in Wright City, Missouri.

Beeny is a staunch believer that Elvis did not die in 1977 and will use the station to discuss the DNA evidence he possesses that he claims proves the body buried in Presley’s grave is not that of the King.

In addition, Beeny says station programming will include Elvis-centric news, music and talk in the evenings and gospel music and political news during the day.

One thing the station won’t do is broadcast wild theories and Elvis sightings. As Beeny explains, “If it can’t be proven, it’s not worth talking about.”

But should the King decide to step out of hiding and break the news on Beeny’s station that he’s still alive, Beeny says, “That would be great, but we’ll wait and see.”

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