Thursday, December 1, 2005

Snake Dancer Trying To Make The World A Better Place, One Snake Skin At A Time

SAN FRANCISCO (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – A San Francisco-based snake dancer thinks the world has a lot of problems to shed, so he’s conducting healing ceremonies all over the world using shed snake skin.

Jim Berenholtz has already embarked on a series of 36 proposed ceremonies in which he burns, buries or releases snake skin at sacred sites around the globe.

He says he uses the skin of an albino Burmese Python named Ixchel – named after a Mayan goddess – but he also tries to incorporate the snake skins of different regions when appropriate.

Berenholtz has done nine ceremonies so far, including one in New Delhi, India, where he says he “shed the skin of lack of faith” by burning a Cobra’s shed skin in the park where Gandhi’s ashes are spread.

He says, “Obviously I have no illusions that I’m saving the world, but I believe the power of the mind does have an effect.”

And his ambitions are not limited to saving the world.

In Berenholtz’s words, “I have this fantasy of being on The Tonight Show doing a snake dance.”

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