Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Christmas Island Set For March Of The Red Crabs

CHRISTMAS ISLAND (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – You’ve heard of the movie March Of The Penguins but there’s a remote island in the Indian Ocean where residents are more concerned with the “March of the Red Crabs.”

Christmas Island is 2000 miles off the Australian coast and hosts an annual event involving more than 150 million horny land crabs who start migrating to the sea each year between November and December, depending on when the rainy season begins.

Red crab researcher Tim Bull says crabs crawl as much as four miles in order to mate so the island looks like a “red moving sea.”

In the past, islanders would just drive or walk over the hand- sized critters but since the crabs suffered a disease a few years back, locals take precautions, closing down roads and, in a pinch, digging holes underneath other streets.

The current crab march will continue until the end of the month, but Bull expects another pincher party starting around Dec. 26.

That’s when officials expect hundreds of tourists will travel from as far away as Germany and the U.S. to see the red crabs get red hot and bothered with each other.

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