Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Wetsuit To Shock The Sharks

DES MOINES, Iowa (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – Female surfer Bethany Hamilton could have used this a couple years ago: A shark- shocking wetsuit.

It’s called Shaka – that’s Zulu for “shark” – and Romanian-born biokineticist and inventor Vladimir Vlad explains the wetsuit is infused with electroceramic powder that releases voltage with movement.

Vlad explains, “I started with the idea of protecting my son,” who is a 21-year old surfer living in South Africa.

He then reasoned if everyone wore wetsuits that shocked sharks, “The next three generations of sharks won’t bite humans anymore.”

Vlad says a team of inventors used the electric eel as a model to create the suit he believes will provide a 30-foot electrical force field around the swimmer.

And if the shark still tries to bite, Vlad says its teeth will feel what it’s like to “put your tongue on a battery.”

Prototypes of the wetsuit will be tested out in just a few weeks in huge water basins filled with hammerhead sharks, and Vlad shockingly says his son “will be the guinea pig with the sharks.”

If all goes well, the shark-shocking suit should be on the market in four to six months.

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