Friday, August 19, 2005

Computer Museum Looking For A Place To Crash

LA MESA, Calif. (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – It could be a case of “now museum, now you don’t” for a computer museum in La Mesa, California.

The San Diego Computer Museum is getting booted out of its current home and more than 1000 relics from the computer age could be sent to the recycle bin.

Museum curator David Weil is now looking for a place where his computers can crash and says, “All we need is four walls and a roof.” Naturally, he’s already petitioned Bill Gates for help, but the folks at Microsoft have yet to respond.

Weil would like to keep the collection in San Diego, but says if Gates wanted to keep it in his house, “I’d put it on the truck tomorrow.”

Some of the museum highlights at risk include an 8-foot tall RW-300 vacuum tube computer and a 19th century calculator called The Millionaire that was used by astronomer Percival Lowell to mathematically discover Pluto.

While Weil is waiting for a new venue and funds to move his technological treasures, he is focusing on the museum’s Aug. 27 farewell party. Besides playing Pong, he says he might fire up the old Millionaire calculator and “party like it’s 1899.”

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