Wednesday, July 6, 2005

Cat Tales: Confessions Of A Homosexual Feline Owner

LOS ANGELES (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – If you think gays are catty, try living with a gay cat.

That’s the “cat-astrophic” life that one pet owner, a southern-California artist who goes by Pamelina, has had to put up with from her male tabby named P.D.

Pamelina says she discovered there was something queer about P.D. when she brought a stray male into her house and P.D. couldn’t stop humping the alley cat they named Wizzer.

Pamelina gave Wizzer away because he was unhappy being an indoor cat, and bought a female, Casey, instead.

That’s when she found out P.D. apparently hates pussies. Pamelina says when Casey went into heat and threw herself at P.D., he would swat her in the ass with his claws and run away.

Even though Casey has been spayed, P.D. still throws a hissie fit if she comes near him.

Pamelina adds that while Casey has let herself go, P.D. is still fit as a fiddle and prefers broccoli over tuna.

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