Tuesday, July 5, 2005

‘Fantastic Four’ A True Story For Martial Arts Instructor

PHOENIX (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – You may think the upcoming Fantastic Four movie is science fiction but it’s practically an autobiography for one martial arts instructor in Phoenix.

Robert Duncan O’Finioan says there are many similarities between the comic book characters and the kids he knew while part of “Project Talent,” a government-trained group of children with paranormal gifts.

The 45-year-old O’Finioan claims he learned how to “throw energy to knock someone down or kill them with just a thought.”

O’Finioan joined the group at age 6, when he was taken from his Kentucky home to practice paranormal skills alongside hundreds of other children.

He says all the students had massive strength like Michael Chiklis’ Thing character thanks to “electrically charged metal implants” and one female student, like Jessica Alba’s Invisible Woman character, was able to create force fields around herself.

O’Finioan has kept in touch with some of his fantastic classmates, but gets P.O.ed when his evil twin - also a former student- goes to his favorite pizza parlor and is rude to other customers.

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