Thursday, June 23, 2005

‘Bewitched’ To Stir Up Cauldron of Interest In Witchcraft

FOREST, Va. (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – The Bewitched movie could make life a living hell for the film’s fans when it opens Friday (Jun. 25).

According to Virginia-based occult expert David Benoit, the Nicole Kidman movie will make witchcraft seem so “harmless” to folks – especially to kiddies – that it will inspire them to give it a shot themselves.

He says this isn’t a good idea because any kind of spellcasting can attract real demons which possess the people performing the witchcraft.

Although Benoit doesn’t think sorcerers are relying on Bewitched to recruit new members, he says it doesn’t help that Kidman’s character is portrayed as normal, even likable.

He thinks folks won’t be able to see that real-life witches aren’t like that at all.

In his words, “If humans could decipher between fantasy and reality, we wouldn’t have World Wrestling Entertainment.”

Benoit is the author of 14 Things Witches Hope Parents Never Find Out (Hearth Stone Publishing).

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