Monday, June 20, 2005

Strippers Give Tips On The Best Bikini Haircuts

SAN FRANCISCO (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – Everyone knows certain clothing styles look better on certain body shapes, but did you know the same principle applies to bikini trimming?

It’s a well-kept secret among strippers that’s finally seeing the light thanks to a new book, The Stripper’s Guide to Looking Great Naked (Chronicle).

Through observations in strip clubs and interviews with the dancers, authors Jennifer Axen and Leigh Phillips discovered that intimate hair grooming has its own set of fashion rules.

For instance, ladies with voluptuous “O-shaped” bods look best with Brazilian bikini waxes, while straight-up-and-down Olive Oyl types are most flattered by a bushy natural look.

Women with small waists and hips and shoulders that are perfectly balanced should shave their hair into a “Barbie” – ie: totally bald – while “A- shaped” ladies with wide hips and legs look best with an inverted triangle of pubic hair.

Co-author Axen admits the shaving system sounds strange, but it really makes sense, and can be seen on the bodies of strippers in clubs across the U.S.

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