Monday, June 13, 2005

Jews Are Chopped Liver In Potato Chip Theology

MANCHESTER, Vt. (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – It seems everywhere you look these days, Jesus is on a potato chip or the Virgin Mary is on a cheese sandwich.

But a wisecracking rabbi has an explanation why so few Jews are reporting sightings of Old Testament characters on food.

Stand-up comedian and rabbi, Bob Alper, explains the phenomenon with a story of a Bar Mitzvah where one of the guests sliced into chopped liver, revealing an image some felt looked exactly like the face of the prophet Isaiah’s younger half- sister, Mindy.

He says the assembled guests stood in awe for over 20 minutes, after which hunger prevailed and the chopped liver disappeared down their throats.

Rabbi Alper uses the Hebrew word narrishkeit – meaning foolishness – to explain the multiplicity of sightings of Jesus and his entourage on food products.

He says, unlike Christians, most Jews would either eat the image or report it to their psychotherapist before they’d sell it on eBay.

But, as Alper sees it: “It’s always the least- theologically savvy people seeing these things.”

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