Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Michael Jackson Turns Down Lie Detector Test

LOS ANGELES (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – Michael Jackson may want the truth to come out in court, but apparently, not on TV.

That’s what talk show host Rolonda Watts discovered recently, when she asked Jackson’s manager if the Gloved One would appear on her upcoming series, Lie Detector, where people answer questions while strapped up to a polygraph.

Watts figured Jackson would want a chance to clear the air but claims his manager said otherwise and, as she puts it, “he used a bad word.”

Not every accused celebrity feels the same way. Lie Detector debuts March 8 on Pax-TV and the first episode features Bill Clinton accuser Paula Jones and J.K. Rowling’s cousin, Ben, who claims the author based Harry Potter on him and profited from it.

So far, Watts has filmed more than 20 episodes and is confident the show will become the subject of water cooler talk just based on how the crew reacts to their guests’ polygraph revelations.

In her words, “It’s like a football pool. We sit around and place bets on who’s telling the truth.”

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