Wednesday, February 9, 2005

Baghdad For Beginners

SAN DIEGO (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – War-torn Baghdad isn’t exactly a tourist hotspot these days, but if you do end up there, an expert on the world’s most dangerous places has a few tips.

Robert Young Pelton, who regularly travels to war zones for his Most Dangerous Places travel guides, recently spent a month in the Iraqi capital and came back wanting some good food, strong booze and decent entertainment.

He says visitors should definitely bring their own chow because the only two places to eat in the “terrorist- free” Green Zone are a Pizza Hut and a wretched cafeteria where a Salisbury steak will set you back $27.

Even worse, a case of “near beer” goes for a whopping $40, and there’s nothing to do for entertainment besides sit on the roof and watch mortars explode.

Although Pelton’s specialty is dangerous travel, he warns tourists from trying Baghdad these days because of these hassles and the good chance you have of being kidnapped.

He shares other insights about the Iraqi capital in the March issue of National Geographic Adventure.

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