Thursday, February 3, 2005

TV Characters Can Show Your Sex Personality

DALLAS (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – Your favorite TV and movie characters can give you a good picture of your own sexual personality.

Clinical psychologist Dr. James Houran says most people’s sex types fall into eight categories.

For instance, “traditionalists” like Charlotte from Sex And The City enjoy sex but prefer being conventional to acting kinky.

“Introverts” like Seth Cohen from The O.C. prefer partners who take the lead while “contradictors” like Marge Simpson come across as conservative but have a wild side.

Meanwhile, Houran says “fantasizers” like J.D. on Scrubs prefer dreaming about sex to actually doing it and “intellectuals” like Frasier Crane just analyze sex.

“Subservients” like Bree VanDeKamp on Desperate Housewives are willing to do anything their partner suggests and “initiators” like Gabrielle Solis are adventurous and uninhibited.

Finally, Houran says “mavericks” like Austin Powers enjoy a wide variety of sexual activities and want their partners to be just as aggressive and experimental.

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