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Devoted True Blood fans have been known to want to have series star <B>Ryan Kwanten's</B> baby.

Devoted True Blood fans have been known to want to have series star Ryan Kwanten's baby.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010 0:47 GMT

HOLLYWOOD (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – Some women are into vampire babies. True Blood star Ryan Kwanten says he once received a really weird fan letter from a woman requesting his “love juice.” The fan sent the TV vampire a vial and asked him to fill it with his sperm because, as he recalls, “She was in the process of trying to create babies.”

HOLLYWOOD – Zac Efron may be far from his Disney days, but he still has a long way to go in Tinseltown. Although he loves comic book films, Efron doesn’t think he’s earned the right to land a superhero action role. He feels he hasn’t paid “those dues yet” or made movies for those types of fans and adds, “I think you have to earn the right to hold a gun. You have to earn the right to shoot web [as Spider-Man].”

LOS ANGELES – Everyone has a “happy place” and John Stamos’ involves playing drums with The Beach Boys. Stamos, who’s been dealing with a scandalous extortion trial, says that when things recently got tense at court, he imagined “happy thoughts” of himself playing music with The Beach Boys to get through it all. Stamos has been playing with the band for the past 25 years and will embark on a string of concerts with them later this week.

LOS ANGELES – And so the student becomes the teacher. Beverley Mitchell, who played a teenager on the squeaky- clean TV family series, 7th Heaven, has landed a grown-up role as a school counselor in the ABC Family drama, The Secret Life Of An American Teenager. Mitchell will be giving troubled teens advice on the show, much like the lessons her character got on 7th Heaven. Another tie-in: Both shows were created by producer Brenda Hampton.

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