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<B>Jonah Hill</B> is the master of looking really drunk on film -- probably because he just chugged a bottle of vodka.

Jonah Hill is the master of looking really drunk on film -- probably because he just chugged a bottle of vodka.

Wednesday, June 30, 2010 1:40 GMT

HOLLYWOOD (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – Jonah Hill has mastered acting drunk on camera by actually getting sauced before filming a scene. He admits he downed a bottle of vodka to make certain takes in Superbad look authentic and also boozed backstage for Get Him To The Greek. Hill says he’d videotape himself drinking so he could gauge how many shots it took for him to get progressively hammered.

HOLLYWOOD – Twilight: Eclipse star Bryce Dallas Howard admits she was very, very nervous about filming her climactic fight scene with Robert Pattinson in the vampire flick for fear of what Team Edward groupies would do to her if she actually hurt him. Says Howard: “God forbid I hit his face – teenage girls would never forgive me!”

HOLLYWOOD – Animal Planet is on PETA’s bad side after greenlighting a weird new TV series called Taking On Tyson. The reality show – slated to premiere in early 2011 – will follow former heavyweight boxing champion Mike Tyson as he takes a gamble entering birds in pigeon races.

LAS VEGAS – Marilyn Monroe’s famous breasts – or at least some chest X-rays she took at a hospital in 1954 – have just been sold by Julien’s Auctions for a whopping $45,000. The series of three chest X-rays recently sold at Planet Hollywood in Las Vegas, along with a chair from Monroe’s last photo shoot which pulled in $35,000.

LOS ANGELES – Funnyman John C. Reilly’s movie career will never get hairy as long as he has a say in things. Reilly admits he hates putting on prosthetics for film roles, so any project that requires more than 20 minutes in the make-up chair, like a part in Planet Of The Apes, is out. Reilly would, however, make an exception to play a clown on camera, since he worked as a clown for his church as a teenager.

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