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The new <I>Pirates Of The Caribbean</I> movie nearly sank when execs misplaced the screenplay.

The new Pirates Of The Caribbean movie nearly sank when execs misplaced the screenplay.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010 1:46 GMT

LONDON (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – The fourth Pirates Of The Caribbean flick almost fell victim to major spoilers after movie execs accidentally left a copy of the screenplay at a London cafe after a meeting this week. Lucky for them, a devoted fan found it and supposedly turned the top-secret document into Britain’s The Sun newspaper. Rumor has it the unnamed hero didn’t even sneak one little peak at the screenplay because they wanted to be surprised when Pirates Of The Caribbean: On Stranger Tides hits theaters.

HOLLYWOOD – Glee star Chris Colfer has one request for his hit TV show: No country music, please. The actor admits he “can’t tolerate” country music because he grew up listening to it all the time in his cowboy-friendly hometown. Colfer says the annual highlight was the local rodeo, where country music would blast for days on end which made him absolutely “miserable.” He adds, “I’ve had enough of [country music] to last me the rest of my life!”

LOS ANGELES – Terrible driving may have cost actor Rupert Everett a permanent role in Boston Legal. Everett says he showed up to the set of the legal drama so frazzled from navigating Los Angeles traffic to get there, that he completely fumbled his lines and “blew” his chance at a longterm spot on the show. Instead, he was cast as a lawyer for only two episodes.

HOLLYWOOD – Cameron Diaz may be a party animal, but she can’t hang with the big dogs in Australia. When she was 19, Diaz traveled Down Under to film a commercial and went out drinking with local Aussies afterwards. Because she didn’t realize that “Australians are actually superhuman and don’t have livers,” Diaz ended up with alcohol poisoning after trying to keep up with their drinking.

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