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Geometry Too Cool For School

The Exploritorium's traveling exhibit, <I>Geometry Playground,</I> hopes to prove that math can, in fact, be all fun and games.

The Exploritorium's traveling exhibit, Geometry Playground, hopes to prove that math can, in fact, be all fun and games.

Monday, June 21, 2010 0:32 GMT

SAN FRANCISCO (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – Geometry shouldn’t be confined to a boring old text book – it’s way too cool for school.

That’s the idea behind the Exploratorium’s latest traveling exhibition, Geometry Playground, hitting cities like Minneapolis and San Diego this Friday (Jun. 25) through September 6.

Created by self-professed geometry geek Tom Rockwell, it’s being billed as a “full-body immersion” into math.

It’ll boast giant 3D shapes that kids – and adults – can climb on and hands-on games that explore the fun illusions of geometry.

By leaving the protractor at home, Rockwell says people will see geometry in a new light and appreciate the often-dreaded subject for its “symmetry, patterns, and beauty.”

Visitors can build, dance, and crawl atop unique displays, including a bizarre structure dubbed the “Gyroid Climber,” a curvy maze made of one repeating shape.

There’s also the “Distorted Chair,” which looks normal in a mirror but is completely warped to the eye.

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