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A pair of gay goats surely led to many sleepless nights for actor <B>Adrien Brody</B> on his New York farm.

A pair of gay goats surely led to many sleepless nights for actor Adrien Brody on his New York farm.

Friday, May 28, 2010 1:47 GMT

NEW YORK (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – Actor Adrien Brody was left slightly disturbed after watching two gay goats have sex on his New York farm. Brody’s ex talked him into buying two male goats and he says the “more well-endowed one took a liking to the other.” He would hear strange noises coming from their pen at night until he realized he “had homosexual goats.” The wild lovin’ got so loud, Brody had to give his pets away and now he only keeps roosters and chickens on his farm.

HOLLYWOOD – Dennis Quaid got his start in showbiz by clowning around as a stand-up comedian. Quaid says he made his debut on the stage at the Tropicana hotel in Houston, Texas, where he rattled off impressions of Richard Nixon and Lyndon B. Johnson for laughs. After that, he went on to perform as a clown at birthday parties where he quickly learned, “Kids hate clowns.”

LONDON – British beauty Alice Eve, who plays a nanny in Sex And The City 2, admits shooting the fashionable flick really hurt. She had to wear painful designer high heels every day – even between takes – and wound up with constantly sore legs. Eve was shocked at her SATC co- stars’ dedication to fierce fashion – Sarah Jessica Parker and company kept their heels on all day like it was nothing.

HOLLYWOOD – Even 15 years later, Jennifer Aniston’s famous Friends hairstyle is still a cut above the rest. According to a survey by Goody beauty company, the layered ’do Aniston sported in the sitcom as Rachel Green in the ’90s is still the most popular cut of all time among British women. “The Rachel” – as the style was famously dubbed – is only followed by Meg Ryan’s choppy, cropped cut.

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