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Russell Brand admits he once put a Barbie doll up his rectum as a form of protest. In the end, it totally backfired.

Russell Brand admits he once put a Barbie doll up his rectum as a form of protest. In the end, it totally backfired.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010 1:45 GMT

HOLLYWOOD (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – Funnyman Russell Brand admits he once shoved a Barbie doll up his butt during a comedy protest against consumerism in London. He says the bizarre gesture was done, in part, to represent the “oppression of women.” However, Brand tells Playboy magazine that he didn’t think the whole stunt through and ended up with a very sore bum. He adds, “If you’re going to make a satirical point involving putting things in your rectum, be selective. Don’t take requests from the audience.”

NEW YORK – James Franco may have a side career singing at parties. The actor took the stage as the surprise act at Campari beverage’s 150th anniversary party in New York last week and put on quite a show. He shocked guests by performing a bunch of songs – karaoke style – with the help of a male performer dressed up in a Lady Gaga costume.

LOS ANGELES – Letters To Juliet star Amanda Seyfried had some weird crushes growing up. Seyfried admits she had eyes for cheesy crooner Michael Bolton for a while, as well as “the smoothie man who worked at the mall.” She also pined for Leonardo DiCaprio for about eight years as a teen.

WESTLAKE VILLAGE, Calif. – Will Smith is one devoted daddy. When his son Jaden was filming The Karate Kid in China last fall he traveled with him but also managed to fly home to L.A. every weekend to see his other son, Trey, play high school football. Smith never once missed one of Trey’s games as a star athlete.

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