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Jake Gyllenhaal dreams of playing NFL legend Joe Namath on the big screen.

Jake Gyllenhaal dreams of playing NFL legend Joe Namath on the big screen.

Friday, May 14, 2010 17:08 GMT

HOLLYWOOD (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – Jake Gyllenhaal is trying hard to get a movie about football legend Joe Namath off the ground in which he would play the New York Jets sports hero. Gyllenhaal’s team loyalties may interfere with landing the role, though – he has a tattoo of the Pittsburgh Steelers’ logo on his back.

LOS ANGELES – The couple that sprays together, stays together. Antonio Banderas’ colognes for men are such a hit with his wife, Melanie Griffith, she uses them herself. Banderas says Griffith sprays on several of his scents, including one called Antonio, even if they are meant for dudes. His latest cologne, The Secret, features notes of mint, musk, and leather.

HOLLYWOOD – Betty White credits her “bawdy” sense of humor to her parents, who were constantly cracking jokes when she was growing up. Her dad was a traveling salesman who’d come home with zingers and test them out on White, although she didn’t always get the punchline. He’d also tell which jokes she should and shouldn’t take to school.

HOLLYWOOD – Reality TV couple Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt live a truly crappy life. Sources close to The Hills stars say their Pacific Palisades home is covered in dog poop from their four pups and could use a serious cleaning. Life & Style is supposedly publishing photos of their nasty house snapped by a “concerned friend.”

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