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Jessica Biel has a raunchy sense of humor -- she gave a former co-star a toy vagina as a gift.

Jessica Biel has a raunchy sense of humor -- she gave a former co-star a toy vagina as a gift.

Friday, May 7, 2010 17:17 GMT

LONDON (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – Jessica Biel’s naughty sense of humor has gone south – literally. Her Easy Virtue co-star Kimberley Nixon says Biel gave her a really weird gag gift after they wrapped filming – a toy vagina. Biel supposedly gave her a “Design-A-Beaver,” an Etch-A-Sketch in the shape of a who-ha, to remember her by.

WELLINGTON, New Zealand – Justin Bieber may travel the world as a pop star, but the teen doesn’t know squat about geography. Biebs was recently interviewed on a New Zealand program where a fan submitted a question asking him if his last name was German for “basketball.” The singer was puzzled and told the host, “German? German? I don’t know what that means...we don’t say that in America.”

LOS ANGELES – Long before Mickey Rourke’s acting career took off, he was teaching fellow actor Andy Garcia how to swing a baseball bat. When he was 13, Rourke – a year older than Garcia – coached the actor’s all-Cuban Little League baseball team in Miami. Rourke must’ve done something right because the team ended up winning a city championship and he was payed a little cash for his guidance.

HOLLYWOOD – John Cusack has a strange phobia – he afraid of technology. The actor is so tired of emailing and text messaging, he forces his friends to talk to him in person instead. He admits he’s pretty terrible with technology anyway and once thought his computer was broken when really, all he had to do was turn it on.

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