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Humans Explore World Through Dog's Eyes

Aiden, 6, relies on his service dog, Nala, to get him through his day.

Aiden, 6, relies on his service dog, Nala, to get him through his day.

Monday, April 19, 2010 17:35 GMT

PARSIPPANY, N.J. (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – It takes a very special dog to give a human a leg up.

This Wednesday (Apr. 21), PBS will premiere Through A Dog’s Eyes, a documentary following the heartwarming stories of people who are matched with their own service dogs.

Funded by the Milk-Bone brand and narrated by Neil Patrick Harris, the doc explores the science behind training Canine Assistants dogs and matching them with the right recipients.

It gives an intimate look at the importance of the human- canine bond and just how much pups can really help people with disabilities.

That includes Aiden, a six-year-old boy born with cerebral palsy who spends most of his time in a wheelchair. Aiden relies on his pooch, Nala, to help him at school with routine tasks like picking up pencils.

There’s also Bryson Casey, a 30-year-old quadriplegic who gets daily help from a Canine Assistants dog.

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