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Weird News Central: A World Without Weirdness

After 30 years of giving the world weird news, the pop culture and entertainment prep service, <I>FlashNews,</I> is closing up shop. Whatever will <B>Bigfoot</B>
do now?

After 30 years of giving the world weird news, the pop culture and entertainment prep service, FlashNews, is closing up shop. Whatever will Bigfoot do now?

Friday, July 30, 2010 0:35 GMT

NEW YORK (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – If the world seems a lot less weird after today (Jul. 30), it’s not because Bigfoot, the ghost of Elvis, and aliens are no longer walking among us.

It’s because Wireless Flash News – a prep service that defined weird news on radio, TV, and in print – will cease to publish its daily dispatch of off-kilter pop culture.

AOL Senior Correspondent Buck Wolf began subscribing to FlashNews 15 years ago, when he was writing a weekly column for ABCNews.com.

Over the years, Wolf has documented the exploits of the Swedish Bikini Team, interviewed John Wayne Bobbitt about his famous body part, and sat with Michael Jackson as The King Of Pop experienced Judaism for the first time in an NYC temple.

He first reported for ABC, then for US Weekly, About.com, and now for AOL, and all the while, FlashNews was Wolf’s No. 1 source for weird news leads and inspiration.

Thus, Wolf invites all believers of UFOs, spoon-bending psychics, unicorn-chasing cryptozoologists, and other weirdos to join him in a moment of silence at 12 PM ET today (Jul. 30) to mourn the passing of Wireless Flash.

He says, “There will still be weird news. But without the Flash, guys like me are going to have to work so much harder. It’s not going to be half as much fun.”

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