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Beer Gets Boxed

Move over boxed wine, boxed beer is here.

Move over boxed wine, boxed beer is here.

Friday, July 30, 2010 0:35 GMT

SYDNEY, Australia (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – Sometimes, drinking inside the box can be useful.

Wine in a box is going to be so last season once the “Kegless Beer-In-A-Box” hits shelves in the future by way of Australia.

The cardboard booze box keeps brews fresh, bubbly, and cold and serves about eight pints of beer straight out of a tap that comes included in the packaging.

Designer Tom Hussey says the boxed beer not only makes post- party clean up much easier, but also allows people to drink freely and without guilt since they’ll know they are helping the environment.

How so?

Well, the box is made at a low cost using materials that create less of an ecological impact and eliminates the need for CO2 systems that regular kegs use, which are harmful to the world.

That also means one big thing for beer guzzlers – cheaper brewskis!

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