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Boston Scavengers Choose Their Own Adventure

A top-secret Boston group known as <B>The Banditos Misteriosos</B> are up to their old tricks again.

A top-secret Boston group known as The Banditos Misteriosos are up to their old tricks again.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010 2:07 GMT

BOSTON (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – A quirky scavenger hunt around Boston could lead participants down many, many different paths.

The Banditos Misteriosos are a gang of mischief-makers who keep Boston adventurous by organizing different fun events around town.

On Saturday (Jul. 17), the elusive crew will host a city-wide scavenger hunt that could end in various different ways.

Inspired by the Choose Your Own Adventures books from their childhood – where readers could decide which actions the hero of the story could take and what the outcome could be – the Banditos have created alternative storylines for the scavenger hunt in Bean Town.

At every clue participants will be given a choice, and their pick will determine their next step in the game.

Ultimately, scavengers will be looking for a famous “missing” Boston artifact and must interview possible suspects to recover the loot.

The only requirements for the kooky adventure are enthusiasm and an inquisitive mind.

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