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Strange Tree An Indian Burial Ground?

Was this unusual tree in Oregon really an ancient burial ground used by Native Americans?

Was this unusual tree in Oregon really an ancient burial ground used by Native Americans?

Friday, May 14, 2010 17:08 GMT

CAPE MEARES, Ore. (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – A strange looking tree in Cape Meares, Oregon, might be the work of ancient Native Americans.

Along the Oregon coast near the Cape Meares Lighthouse and Wildlife Refuge sits a Sitka spruce tree known as the “Octopus Tree.”

It got its name due to its unusual, octopus-like shape – a very short trunk and numerous branches that look a lot like tentacles.

Local historian Barbara Bennett says the tree is believed to be 100 years old, and got its shape from various Native American tribes who used it as a burial ground for their chiefs.

Tribe members used to build beautiful canoes where they would lay their chiefs and family members once they passed, then hoist the canoes between the branches of the tree.

To accommodate the canoes, the natives would tie down the branches with rope so they grew in a way that could support the bodies.

Despite its creepy history, the “Octopus Tree” isn’t thought to be haunted.

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