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Rollerskating Keeps On Trucking

<B>The Godfather of Skating</B> confirms that, contrary to popular belief, roller disco IS NOT dead.

The Godfather of Skating confirms that, contrary to popular belief, roller disco IS NOT dead.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010 1:24 GMT

SAN FRANCISCO (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – Ain’t no party like a rollerskating party, because a rollerskating party keeps rollin’.

Roller discos may not be as big as they were in the 1970s, but David Miles – aka “The Godfather of Skating” – is determined to keep the sport alive.

He holds weekly skate sessions at San Francisco’s Golden Gate Park and an accompanying “Roller Disco Party” around town at least once a month, with the next boogie on wheels happening August 12 at The Mighty.

Miles brings his own lights, speakers, disco tunes by Donna Summer and The Bee Gees, and even rollerskates to various spaces and makes sure every single person in the room gets down on his makeshift roller rink.

With his parties, he’s hoping to keep the disco inferno burning.

He says, “Rollerskating isn’t dead at all. People still dress up in sequins and big afros and the whole skate scene is strong. Skating is an escape from the crap of life.”

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