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Wannabe Rockers Wail On Paper-Thin Guitars

These guitars may be paper-thin, but aspiring rock stars can still shred on them.

These guitars may be paper-thin, but aspiring rock stars can still shred on them.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010 1:55 GMT

MONTREAL (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – Shredding on a guitar doesn’t take any upper body strength whatsoever.

At least that’s the case with “Paper Jamz,” a musical game that teaches wannabe rock stars to strum their favorite songs or compose original tunes on a paper-thin, lightweight guitar.

Players learn real chords by touching the guitar’s neck along with music. Then, they can take their gaming experience and apply it to a real guitar.

Meanwhile, because the guitar is so light, busting out every advanced rocker move can be done easily.

Spokesperson Marc Rosenberg says, “You can go all out. We’ve seen kids go crazy, playing behind their back and doing over-the-head moves.”

Because kids and adults can pull out all the stops with a “Paper Jamz” guitar, Rosenberg is positive the world will see a new generation of rock stars in the future with major stage presence and axe skills.

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