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Women Crave Shoes Over Sex In `Sex And The City 2'

Sole Mates: Female moviegoers are more interested in checking out the shoes in <i>Sex And City 2</i> than the sex scenes.

Sole Mates: Female moviegoers are more interested in checking out the shoes in Sex And City 2 than the sex scenes.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010 3:06 GMT

LOS ANGELES (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – Women are more interested in the fabulous footwear in Sex And The City 2 than the actual sex.

According to a survey by, the nation’s leading movie-ticketing destination, 55 percent of women are most anticipating the sexy designer shoes that’ll flash across the screen in Sex And The City 2.

That’s compared to only 33 percent who are excited for the actual sex in Sex, and 60 percent who say the most appealing part of the chick flick is the humor.

Meanwhile, Fandango spokesman Harry Medved says 76 percent of SATC 2 moviegoers consider the film a “great escape.” Maybe that’s because women are making an entire event out of midnight screenings tonight (May 26) and on opening day (May 27) and beyond.

About 75 percent plan to attend a SATC 2 gathering before or after the movie, 52 percent plan to drink Cosmopolitans before or after, and 53 percent plan to dress up for the special occasion.

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