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iPhone Better Invention Than Space Travel?

The iPhone: A more important invention than cars, cameras, and space travel?

The iPhone: A more important invention than cars, cameras, and space travel?

Wednesday, May 19, 2010 1:45 GMT

WELWYN GARDEN CITY, England (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – Consumers think the iPhone is such a giant leap for mankind, it’s a better invention than space travel.

According to a study by Tesco Mobile, Brits believe the Apple smart phone is the eighth most important invention ever created.

That puts the tech gadget ahead of history-making devices like the car, camera, flushing toilet, refrigerator, email, and space travel, which lands on the list at No. 39.

The only innovations that manage trump the iPhone include Penicillin, the telephone, computers, the Internet, the light bulb, and the airplane.

Additionally, the wheel was voted THE most important invention of all time.

Other creations that made the cut – albeit way below the iPhone – include the birth control pill at No. 11, other cell phones at No. 21, toilet paper at No. 22, the toothbrush at No. 33, the iPod at No. 56, the push-up bra at No. 77, and the cheese grater at No. 88.

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