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Grow A Garden Via Internet

The Internet is the main tool needed to grow a garden these days.

The Internet is the main tool needed to grow a garden these days.

Thursday, April 22, 2010 17:18 GMT

MANCHESTER, England (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – Growing a beautiful garden can now be done without even going outside that much.

Farmville, the popular Facebook game where players grow virtual gardens then sell their crops, has now stepped into the real world thanks to Turf Garden Supplies.

The company allows gardeners to buy all their supplies online and have them sent directly to them so they can weed out the middle man.

Seeds and soil only need to be laid out, and nature will take care of all the heavy work.

But unlike Farmville, the supplies are very real and the cream of the crop, and will produce a garden that can actually be enjoyed.

The soil sold comes from a special area in Manchester, England, that historically produces beautiful, lush grass.

Spokesperson Mark Upton promises that the soil sent will be so rich and dark that people’s gardens will look as green as the rolling hills of the English countryside.

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