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Tough Babies Dressed To Kill

Babies who are dressed to kill in cross bones automatically rule the playground.

Babies who are dressed to kill in cross bones automatically rule the playground.

Monday, April 19, 2010 17:35 GMT

GERMANTOWN, Ohio (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – A baby who’s dressed to kill commands respect on the playground.

Parents who want to make sure their babies don’t get bullied might consider dressing them in tough toddler clothes from, which specializes in edgy threads covered in crossbones, tattoo prints, and hardcore guitars.

Owner Jay Steuve says the younger generation currently procreating is “much cooler than older generations” and want their kids to look just as hip.

With his styles, he believes, “Babies will look like The Fonz out there on the playground, cooler and tougher. No one’s going to mess with them.”

Dressing tykes in hipper threads will also ensure they don’t look back on their baby pictures someday and feel completely embarrassed.

Steuve thinks kids won’t “hate their parents as bad” when they grow up if the dress them in cool duds, unlike his own mom and dad who forced him into truly terrible outfits.

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