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`Wayne's World' Alumna Tia Carrere Goes Incognito

Former <I>Wayne's World</I> star <B>Tia Carrere's</B> greatest role may be dressing up as a wookie for next year's San Diego Comic-Con.

Former Wayne's World star Tia Carrere's greatest role may be dressing up as a wookie for next year's San Diego Comic-Con.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010 0:57 GMT

SAN DIEGO (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – Is that actress Tia Carrere or a Star Wars wookie?

That’s the question many fans might be asking themselves at next year’s San Diego Comic-Con since the Warehouse 13 and Wayne’s World actress is already planning her costume for the event.

Though Carrere sported her regular clothes this year, she says it was “so crazy” out on the main floor of the nerdy convention that she might need to invest in a identity-hiding costume for next year.

She says, “I think next year I’ll don a costume. I’ll put on a helmet and full armor and be able to walk around.”

The geek goddess is even considering face paint, although she thinks her many fans will most likely still recognize her.

In the end, Carrere feels her best option is to go as a wookie from the Star Wars movies since all she’d really have to do is wear her hair in front of her face.

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