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`Spoiled Princess' Vows To Be Biggest Reality Star Ever

Rich girl <B>Leanne `Kuukla' Stern</B> from VH1's <I>You're Cut Off!</I> is confident she'll be a bigger reality TV star than <B>Kim Kardashian.</B>

Rich girl Leanne `Kuukla' Stern from VH1's You're Cut Off! is confident she'll be a bigger reality TV star than Kim Kardashian.

Monday, July 19, 2010 0:46 GMT

LOS ANGELES (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – Move over Kim Kardashian, a bigger, better reality TV star is right on your tail.

Self-proclaimed “Spoiled Rotten Princess” Leanne “Kuukla” Stern, from You’re Cut Off! airing Mondays on VH1, believes she’s TV’s next sensation because she already has built-in star power.

For starters, she’s rich, sexy, and always travels with her own entourage – a must-have for any real celebrity in Los Angeles.

Kuukla says a gaggle of friends, stylists, and bodyguards follow her around all day carrying her “dog, cell phones, and carrots,” just in case she needs a healthy snack.

Because she’s always surrounded, she gets harassed by the paparazzi daily – another prerequisite for stardom.

Kuukla, who likens herself to a female version of Spencer Pratt, says she’s even stopped on the street by fans for autographs.

To give the people what they want, she’s currently working on a spin-off of her very own reality show following her exciting life.

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