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Karate High Kicks Movies Into Action

The 2010 revamp of <I>The Karate Kid</I> is reminding moviegoers of how cool karate looks on the big screen.

The 2010 revamp of The Karate Kid is reminding moviegoers of how cool karate looks on the big screen.

Friday, July 9, 2010 2:27 GMT

LOS ANGELES (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – High kicks and chopping cinder blocks in half with bare hands makes movie-watching way more awesome.

Just ask Lou Illar, who wrote the screenplay and produced the classic ’90s karate movie Sidekicks, which starred butt-kicking badass Chuck Norris.

With the recent release of The Karate Kid revamp, Illar says audiences are being reminded of how epic and entertaining martial arts can be on the big screen.

Illar, who’s now working on a sequel to his own iconic karate flick, explains, “Karate is tailor-made for the movies. It’s exciting to watch and involves personal and spiritual components that make great storytelling devices.”

He believes much can be learned from movies filled with wax- on, wax-off moments, including discipline and humility.

Illar is excited to see the resurgence of karate in the movies and adds, “Whether it’s Bruce Lee, Chuck Norris, or Jackie Chan, karate movies will never go away.”

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