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New Parents Guilty Of Online TMI

Absolutely NO ONE on Facebook needs to know that this mom eats her own placenta. (Facebook photo)

Absolutely NO ONE on Facebook needs to know that this mom eats her own placenta. (Facebook photo)

Monday, April 19, 2010 17:35 GMT

NEW YORK (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – Having children does not give proud parents license to be completely disgusting on Facebook.

On, moms and dads are kindly asked to “shut the f up” when it comes to the gross insights into parenthood they feel the need to share on Facebook.

Blog creator, who goes solely by “B” to protect herself from the wrath of her friends that are guilty of Facebook TMI, says parents are way too into “sharing every detail of their kid’s day” online.

She gives examples of annoying parental TMI on her website.

This includes moms who have posted pictures of themselves eating their placenta, or parents who’ve posted their child’s first poop floating in the toilet.

New parents seem to be the biggest culprits of this behavior, and to them B asks, “I get wanting to capture those first moments, but why on Facebook? Everyone can see that.”

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