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Who Would You Rather: Joel McHale Or Jon Hamm?

<I>Community</I> and <I>Mad Men</I> star <B>Alison Brie</B> has her pick of the litter as far as sexy TV hunks are concerned. Now, who to choose: <B>Joel
McHale</B> or <B>Jon Hamm?</B>

Community and Mad Men star Alison Brie has her pick of the litter as far as sexy TV hunks are concerned. Now, who to choose: Joel McHale or Jon Hamm?

Thursday, July 29, 2010 1:42 GMT

SAN DIEGO (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – Who’s more ruggedly handsome: Funnyman Joel McHale or Mad Men’s brooding Jon Hamm?

If you ask Community star and Mad Men regular Alison Brie, she’d say Joel McHale, hands down – but only if he’s within ear shot.

Brie admits that when the sexy Don Draper himself asks her who’s more handsome on the set of the ’60s period drama, she sides with the boyishly good-looking McHale again – well, sort of.

She says, “I tell Jon, ‘He’s way more dreamy than you, Jon.’ Then we all laugh out loud.”

But when Brie and McHale shared an onscreen smooch for an episode of Community last season, she jokes that she may have had Hamm on her mind the whole time.

The kiss must’ve still been pretty steamy though, since it inspired one mega fan to make an online video of their characters’ most romantic moments set to a heartfelt love song.

Season two of Community returns to NBC September 23.

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