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Durable Costumes Come Out For Comic-Con

Need gear for San Diego's Comic-Con? Better go with a suit that's up to geeky standards.

Need gear for San Diego's Comic-Con? Better go with a suit that's up to geeky standards.

Thursday, July 15, 2010 1:00 GMT

TORONTO (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – Each July, San Diego’s Comic-Con brings out the nerdiest comic book fans, and they all want to dress to impress.

Usually that involves replica costumes of their favorite superheroes, and for many, it’s crucial to look authentic.

Luckily, Canadian motorcycle gear company Universal Design Replicas can help outfit devoted fans with extremely accurate suits inspired by comic icons like Iron Man, Wolverine, and Batman.

Owner David Pea assures that his get-ups will leave anyone looking like the real deal.

He explains, “People will definitely, undeniably know who you’re dressed as at the Con. We invest time in every millimeter of our suits. Every rivet, every linear detail you can see on the screen has been replicated.”

And because the durable suits are made for motorcycle use, fans in costume can feel protected from bullies.

However, Pea doesn’t recommend doing “any vigilante stuff” since the duds can’t stop a knife or a bullet.

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